Drug Rehab Treatment

Comprehensive drug rehab treatment should enable you to achieve lifelong sobriety even after leaving the addiction treatment facility. The programs of most drug addiction treatment facilities are structured the same. The aim of these programs is to address physical aspect of the addiction after which they tackle the mental aspect that comes with addiction. Reputable centers offer both long term and short term treatment options. They also have aftercare programs. At our rehab center, we want to ensure complete recovery of every patient from drug addiction. As such, we take a personalized approach in treating different addiction.

Medical detoxification

This is usually the first thing that we do to the patients who join our drug rehab center. It entails cleansing the patients of the drug that they have been using. Continued use of a drug for a long time can manipulate the thinking pattern of a person. Attempts to live without using the drug lead to withdrawal symptoms that can lead to irreparable damage. To avoid this, medical detoxification is used to decrease the level of intoxicant gradually with time. This entails the use of medication and sober environment.

Inpatient treatment

Residing in a drug rehab St Louis MO rehab center  is a full time receiving treatment and counseling round the clock. Residential treatment enables the patient to focus attention on the recovery process. The stay in a rehab center can last for 30 to 90 days. Therapy sessions are included on group and individual basis. With residential treatment, a patient lives in an environment that is free from alcohol and drug while receiving personalized psychotherapeutic and medical treatment.

Outpatient treatment

This is the ideal treatment for patients who have completed their residential treatment. It entails continuous testing to ensure that the patient is leading a sober life. In-depth therapy sessions are also provided on the basis of the treatment that the patient has received before. This treatment can also be a good option for individuals that want to commit themselves into the recovery but for some reasons are unable to reside in a rehab center.

Alternative therapies

These are therapies that are offered outside or inside the rehab center. They include holistic treatment methods like art therapy, music therapy and restorative yoga. Exercise and dietary changes can also assist the patients in the healing process because they help in repairing the damage caused by drugs. The patients learn how to adapt healthy lifestyles and habits that will enable them to remain sober in the future.


This is also part of the treatment that you receive at our drug rehab center. Aftercare is very important because it prevents relapses. This treatment can be in form of continued support or therapy that patients receive so that they can remain sober. You can receive aftercare treatment during group meeting or individual therapy sessions. Drug rehab Recovery program in St.Louis for patients can meet to discuss the challenges that they are facing and how to overcome them. Generally, our drug rehab treatment is comprehensive and aimed at enabling patients to achieve lifelong sobriety.

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